Best travel time for the Arlberg Trail

Summer, sun, hiking time! As soon as the temperatures rise again in spring, the passion for nature attracts hiking enthusiasts back to the mountains. You want to try the 3-day Arlberg Trail and wonder when the best time to go is? We’ll tell you.  

Best time for hiking in the Arlberg region


In summer and autumn, nature in the Arlberg presents itself at its best to hikers. From the beginning of July you hike amidst flowering alpine meadows and in autumn the lower sun immerses the mountains in a golden light. If you are hiking in summer, you can really enjoy the warm temperatures and cooling off in the surrounding mountain lakes, but you should also beware of heat lightning storms.


The Arlberg is an attractive destination all year round. While skiing tourists get their money’s worth there in winter, the region around the Arlberg is a hiker’s paradise in the warmer season. Since the ski season lasts from December to April and there is often snow until May, the first hiking trails open at the end of June. In general, spring is often moody and unpredictable, cold snaps are not uncommon and it can still get very cold at night.


The best time to hike the Arlberg Trail is during the summer months of July, August and September. Those who like to cool off in the fresh mountain lakes should also choose the time between July and August. If you are travelling in summer, however, you should bear in mind that there are often summer thunderstorms, especially in the afternoons and evenings, and the weather can change quickly. From mid-August onwards, the weather is often more stable and, especially in September, the best long-distance visibility prevails when the air is clear. 


The month of September is still suitable for hiking in the Arlberg region. In autumn, long-lasting and dry periods of fine weather can occur, spoiling you with a dreamlike view. In the transition months, the Föhn often appears and brings warm air with it. In November, the night temperatures are again around freezing point and as soon as the first onset of winter comes, the snow remains on the northern slopes. Please pay attention, that the cable car are only running until the end of September.


Get out of the everyday routine and head for the mountains. If you want to experience nature in the region up close, the best time to hike the Arlberg Trail is between July and September. There are also many other summer activities around the Arlberg, such as mountain biking, climbing, running, golfing or yoga, which can be optimally combined.

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